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Anonymous asked:
Your a fucking lowlife, got no job, got no real friends in the future, all the people that like your statuses on facebook dont actually like you they're just laughing at you, when the fuck are you going to grow up you fucking loser

I know i’ve got no job at the moment, but i have been and am still having interviews with places, i got let go from my last job because i didn’t want to go on commission if you wanted to know. I’ve never said that the people that like my stuff are all my friends, i know i don’t have many and i don’t really mind because being popular isn’t everything. You’re also basing your opinion on me off facebook? If you knew me, you would know that i can be mature in the right circumstances, but everyone just thinks i’m immature because i like to have fun with friends. I’m not the loser, you’re the one sending anonymous hate because you’re too scared to say this in person. I couldn’t give two shits what you think about me either :) have a good night hehe x

Anonymous asked:
yo fav year 9s

I don’t know

Anonymous asked:
I hope someone cuts you.

:) keen